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Hai Now Iam going to tell you about the saome of the safety measures that should be taken during earth quakes. Because Now a days earthquakes are becoming very common.

Earthquake and its causes An earthquake is a series of vibrations on the earth's surface caused by the generation of elastic (seismic) waves due to sudden rupture within the earth during release of accumulated strain energy. Faulting may be considered as an immediate cause of an earthquake. Due to constant movement of plates, deformation is caused which results to generations of strain energy. Indian plate is moving in north-north-east direction and colliding with Eurasian plate along the Himalayas.

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Some Do's and Don'ts


Take  shelter under a desk, table,  bed   or  doorway  during an earthquake. 

Provide help to others  and develop  confidence.  

Shut  off  kitchen gas.  

Keep stock of drinking water,  food  stuff and  first aid arrangements.          

If  you  are in a moving  vehicle,  stop and stay in vehicle.  

Follow and  advocate local  safety  building code for  earthquake resistant  construction.  

Heavy objects,  glasses  should be kept on  lower  shelf.  

Turn on transistor  or  T.V.  to get  latest information.  

Make plan and  preparation  for emergency  relief. 


Do  not  get  panicky 

Do not use candles,  matches  etc  and  do not  switch o  any electric  mains  immediately  after an earthquake. 

Do not spread and  believe in  rumours 

Do not run through or near buildings during an  earthquake